What Women Want Today

Processing Grief Through Kindness

May 24, 2023 Terri L Kellums & Amanda Kieper Season 3 Episode 9
What Women Want Today
Processing Grief Through Kindness
Show Notes

In our second episode of the grief series, we interview kindness champion, Cindy Rowe.
Cindy displays amazing vulnerability as she chronicles her story of courageously shedding an identity filling her with dread, disappointment, and guilt and redefining herself through showing kindness to others.
These pivots included a divorce, leaving a very successful corporate job, enduring a traumatic brain injury that led to PTSD, and much more. If you need to be inspired, this is your episode!
Cindy is a dynamic professional speaker, trainer, and passionate entrepreneur. She’s built two successful companies from the ground up, is a leader in her community, and works tirelessly to change the narrative around kindness.
To learn more about her, hop over to her WEBSITE 

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