What Women Want Today

Grieving Breast Cancer with Melissa Sugrue

May 17, 2023 Terri L Kellums & Amanda Kieper Season 3 Episode 8
What Women Want Today
Grieving Breast Cancer with Melissa Sugrue
Show Notes

In this episode, we invite a dear friend of Amanda’s to join us for the first interview in the grief series.
Melissa Sugrue bravely shares her experiences with breast cancer. Starting with a heart-wrenching poem, she draws us into her heart and her pain, giving us an inside glimpse at the journey that has shaken her core and re-defined her life and identity.

On her 50th birthday, in the midst of COVID, she was faced with the biggest shock of her life. Her story is raw, informative, and full of creative expression and inspiration. We hope you’ll use the resources below to learn more about the topics discussed in this show.

Stay up-to-date on her journey by joining her GRATITUDE BLOG or email her at melissakrow@gmail.com


Breast Cancer Statistics

Stages of Grief
Breast Cancer & Body Image
Art Therapy & Grief
Grief &  Finding Meaning
Post-traumatic growth

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