What Women Want Today

Exploring Grief: The Expected and The Unexpected

May 10, 2023 Terri L Kellums & Amanda Kieper Season 3 Episode 7
What Women Want Today
Exploring Grief: The Expected and The Unexpected
Show Notes

Settle in and get ready to feel ALL the stuff. In this episode, Amanda and I introduce a new
series on grief. First, we list the physical, behavioral, emotional, social, and spiritual tolls of grieving.  We spend time discussing the impact grief has on shaping and
transforming our identities, as well as types of grief and how you can help others through the
grief process. There is hope, and we intend to find it in the personal stories of women we

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The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk
Holmes & Ray Stress Scale

Even Happy Couples Cheat Ted Talk by Esther Perel

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