What Women Want Today

Dating After Divorce with Allison Jayne

April 12, 2023 Terri L Kellums & Elizabeth Correia Season 3 Episode 3
What Women Want Today
Dating After Divorce with Allison Jayne
Show Notes

Allison Jayne Ewing, a psychotherapist and EFT practitioner. Being a divorcee herself, she co-founded http://DatingAfterYourDivorce.com a date coaching platform to help women find healthy relationships. (visit her website for a free ebook)

Surprised to be divorced at midlife, Allison realized none of the fairytales she read growing up said what happened when you did NOT live happily ever after.

Dazed and confused by her sudden single status, she embarked on the dreaded task of having to date again.

Allison noticed she wasn't alone. Many of her single friends struggled with dating and meeting shitty guys while desperately searching for ‘the one’.

The turning point was when she found the secret to turning on her feminine energy and attracting adoring men.

As a psychotherapist and an EFT practitioner for 25 years, Allison decided to focus on helping other midlife women find healthy available single men who will love and adore them. She has worked with hundreds of women to clear their unconscious blocks and manifest the life of their dreams.

A sought-after and entertaining speaker, Allison is frequently requested to speak at events and conferences.

Her book "Find Love Again" is a guide to igniting your inner goddess and finding the man of your dreams.

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