What Women Want Today

Flipping the Script - Amanda interviews Terri

April 05, 2023 Terri L Kellums & Elizabeth Correia Season 3 Episode 2
What Women Want Today
Flipping the Script - Amanda interviews Terri
Show Notes

In this episode, Amanda and I first celebrate the big news that the “What Women Want Today” podcast has been ranked in the top 5% globally!! Thank you, loyal listeners! Next, I take the hot seat and Amanda guides me through a series of questions designed to determine whether I am well-suited to a career in coaching, speaking, and training. She draws on the work of Mark Savickas, author of the Career Style Interview, who looks at a person’s life as a “novel” being written with clues that lead to themes and unresolved issues that are expressed and healed in their careers. Listen until the end to hear my answers to these questions and see if this process could also HELP you find a dream career:

  • *Who did you admire when you were growing up?
  • *What magazines did you read regularly?
  • *What do you like to do with your free time? What are your hobbies?
  • *Do you have a favorite saying or motto?
  • *What were your three favorite subjects in high school? What subjects did you hate?
  • *What are your earliest recollections?

Link to Mark Savickas’ Bio:  https://www.kent.edu/ehhs/ldes/profile/mark-l-savickas
Link to Career Style Interview: http://www.people.ku.edu/~tkrieshok/epsy846/lectures/csi.htm
Brene Brown's Book - Daring Greatly https://amzn.to/3MerCjN (note from Terri:  I actually loved this in audio format because her voice is so soothing to listen to)

The WWW2day Podcast is ranked 5% Globally out of 3,079,722 podcasts. (note: since recording, we are now at 3%) 

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