What Women Want Today

Surprises in Midlife

February 01, 2023 Terri L Kellums & Elizabeth Correia Season 2 Episode 2
What Women Want Today
Surprises in Midlife
Show Notes

Like many women, you may feel invisible once you reach middle age. You may feel pressure to mask the signs of advancing age. You may be feeling your body changing...drastically. You may have had to make difficult choices about family and career that men your age did not have to make. 

Studies  shows that midlife, the age range that spans between 40 and 65, can be quite tumultuous for women. During this time, women are not only dealing with biological changes, but they're also dealing with career changes, work problems, family issues, death, body changes, securing finances and reaching personal goals.

On the flip side, there are a whole lot of positive changes for us as well. 

  • We know who we are. 
  • We experience a great deal of freedom once we've established our identity
  • We have meaningful relationships. 
  • As we age, we shed our superficial friendships and spend more of our precious time with people we care about.

Just to mention a few.....

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