What Women Want Today

How Midlife Effects Men w/James Davis, Midlife Mentors

July 19, 2022 Terri L Kellums Episode 73
What Women Want Today
How Midlife Effects Men w/James Davis, Midlife Mentors
Show Notes

In today's podcast episode, I am revisiting a conversation I had on IG with James Davis.  

James & Claire Davis are the hosts of The Midlife Mentors Podcast you can find them on Instagram HERE 

In today's conversation we talked about:

  1.  How declining testosterone affects men and how that can affect your relationship.
  2.  How much our mindset affects our ability to make lasting change.
  3. Men loose a lot of their social connects as they age
  4. Men are less likely to seek medical attention for hormone related issues.

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Episode 48 with James & Claire 

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