What Women Want Today

Exploring the Happiness Puzzle - Part 5

November 09, 2022 Terri L Kellums Episode 88
What Women Want Today
Exploring the Happiness Puzzle - Part 5
Show Notes

Today's episode is Part 5 of the series exploring Eudemonic Happiness.

In this episode we are diving into the element of Environmental Mastery

What is it?

How can we increase our Mastery?

What roadblocks can stop us from growing in this area.

Highly effective people understand that they have power and influence over their enviroment. The have the ability to take action, utilize resources and are not as easily overwhelmed and stress. 

Trust in your self creates a deeper sense of self confidence.

We learn by doing, we learn from the mistakes and we grow.

Mastery is both physical and mental and you have to be aware of the traps like negative self-talk, indecision, comparison and self-judgement and holding our self to an unrealistic level of perfection.

I talked about OVERTHINKING in episode 40 LISTEN HERE 

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