What Women Want Today

Midlife Growth w/Author and Enneagram Coach Jackie Brewster

November 15, 2022 Terri L Kellums Episode 89
What Women Want Today
Midlife Growth w/Author and Enneagram Coach Jackie Brewster
Show Notes

On today's episode I am talking with Author and Enneagram Coach Jackie Brewster.

This conversation fits really nicley into our series on happiness because the Enneagram is a tool that helps with Personal Growth, Self-Acceptance and is being used as a tool to help in the workplace and in marriages to understand ourselves and those we work with and are in relationship with.

Today Jackie shares her upcoming book with us The Enneagram and Your Marriage: A 7-Week Guide to Better Understanding and Loving Your Spouse

I also love that Jackie recognizes that her experiences led her to this tool, and how it lead to a pivot in life for her.

Reach out if you are interested in my recommendation for a test to discover you number! Remember to share this episode with a friend!


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