What Women Want Today

Weight & Health Struggles in Midlife

February 22, 2023 Terri L Kellums & Elizabeth Correia Season 2 Episode 5
What Women Want Today
Weight & Health Struggles in Midlife
Show Notes

Katie Dea is a busy mom with a passion for teaching other women how to live the healthy, vibrant life of their dreams. She has a bachelor’s degree in public health and a master’s degree in education. 

She has been a third-grade teacher for 16 years, and her love of teaching and health has led her to become a holistic health and nutrition coach. She teaches women to take control of their diet and lifestyle to lose weight, sleep better, manage stress, and regain confidence and energy so they can show up confidently in all areas of their life.

Katie is dedicated to teaching women how to regain control of their health, focusing on food choices, daily movement habits, and stress management so they can feel their best.  "I know firsthand how challenging it is to live a healthy lifestyle while juggling the demands placed on women," says Katie.  " My philosophy revolves around making small, sustainable habit changes to live a healthy life while still having fun."

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